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Thank you for visiting the “Taking it the Streets” blog.  This site was developed as a tool to keep us organized while planning this Transportation Transformation campaign April 13-23.  It will become more active again soon, as we work with teams to organize a “Fall Edition” of this campaign.  In the mean time, you better get out there and Take it to the Streets!!

For links to information and resources to local transportation options, including free ridematching for carpools and vanpools, links to county transit agencies, bicycle safety tips and trail information, please visit: or call 1.866.585.RIDE.

To log your trips in Trip Track, to enter the challenge, please visit:

For information on local events, going green and plenty of other recouces, please visit:

Please join us in social networking:

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What to do….what to do….

WHO? We are a regional partnership of individuals, advocacy groups and governmental agencies leading a multi-modal transportation
awareness-to-action campaign.

WHAT? “Taking it to the Streets” is a nine day promotion for Transportation Transformation among neighboring counties in
Southwest Florida, to move people from talking into doing, or actually……walking, biking, busing, vanpooling, carpooling and, of course, having Fun!

Campaign begins April 13 continues through Earth Week and culminates on Saturday April 23….Save the Dates!

All of regional Southwest Florida – Individual worksites, campuses, transits companies and public venues. This is a multi-county action project including municipalities, businesses, resorts, colleges, civic and community organizations.

Simply choose action items from our list or create your own activity. Schedule and complete your activities leading up to or during the campaign period of April 13-23, 2011. Participate: as an employer, as a community leader, as an individual, as a student or as a
team.  Whatever you are planning, let us know so we can promote you!

Do something that involves or supports alternative and less costly modes of transportation: bike, walk, carpool,
vanpool, or public transportation.  If you’d like to participate, but need help getting started, contact us:  1.866.585.RIDE or

Prove it Track, log and promote all those miles you don’t drive alone with Trip Track, a program that will help us
calculate Vehicle Miles Reduced (VMR) and other statistics at Send us activity photos and
post online while you’re “Taking it to the Streets!”

Welcome Aboard!

Welcome aboard Team SWFL!
Thank you for joining the campaign, a simple effort to improve the way people get around Southwest Florida. Simply chose an activity the involves or supports alternative forms of transportation. This can be biking, walking, carpooling, transit, teleworking, vanpooling, etc. Do the activity and track your efforts!

Be sure to add the “Taking it to the Streets” logo to your promotions, so you can be recognized in this regional campaign. Feel free to add tag-lines and information specific to your organization – just remember to track your trips with Trip Track, so we can gather data, and post photos!


Do something. Pick an activity that supports alternative forms of transportation. It can as simple as giving your feedback: Taking it to the Streets survey

We’ve also included a growing list of fun activities you can do at work, school, on weekends, with friends, family and co-workers. Taking it to the Streets is a huge opportunity for the region to come together, to improve the way everyone gets around.

Next, prove it! Track the activity using Trip Track, by Commuter Services. Trip Track is an online system that will calculate VMRs (vehicle miles reduced), reductions in carbon emissions and particulate matter that cause smog – directly affecting the air we breathe, as well as savings calculations for fuel and maintenance. Next, email and post images of your activities; show your support by Taking it to the Streets in social media. Be seen!

Things you can do to participate in Taking it to the Streets:
Raise Awareness:
Print and Hang a few Posters
Distribute flyer
Email flyer
Post information on your website or social media sites
Tell someone you know

Know your options:
Learn about carpooling options
Register for free Ridematching
Try carpooling informally: to school, church, social gathering, kids’ activities, out to eat, wherever

Learn about Transit options:
Check out your local transit system, and find what routes travel near your house, school, work, etc. Many agencies have launched online services that will determine which bus routes and time fit into your schedule. If all else fails, call!

Consider biking or walking:
If you own a bicycle, dust off the seat, air up your tires, spray the rusty spots, grab your helmet and hit the streets.
If you don’t own a bicycle, you can get something decent for the price of two tanks of gas.
If you’re one or two miles from your destination, think: is this drive necessary?

Be a leader:
Join a group
Go to your social groups and spread the word
Get at least one person join the challenge with you

Go to a public meeting to voice your opinions or concerns.

Face your excuses:
Instead of thinking of why you can’t participate, think of what you can do.

Donate a prize – looking to promote your business? We’ll add you as a sponsor and give your donation to a Taking it to the Streets participants!

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